FARMERS MARKET 2018 Rules and Regulations

Firstly the Wellington Farmers Market is intended to provide healthy, fresh produce as well as an Unbeatable assortment of non-commercial foods. We provide these to both residents and New-Comers and visitors alike.

Kindling the work of both small and large vendors will find a supportive outlet for the sale of 

Their Goods

However, The Market will Encourage Commerce, Entertainment, and Trade in downtown 

In the meantime benefiting the Eagles After Hours Program at Wellington Middle School

So, Please read and sign the 2018 Wellington Farmers Market Application for Vendors

Return it, with your $5 processing fee and any other applicable charges to the address provided: 

Wellington Farmers Market: P.O. Box 762 Wellington, CO 80549
Or drop off at WELLINGTON FLOWERS and MORE, 3743 Cleveland Ave, Wellington

Your signature indicates you have been given a copy and read and understand, and agree with the Rules

Vendor Equipment and Supplies

* Each vendor is responsible for providing, setting up and removing any necessary supplies

* Includes signs, tables, chairs, products, & equipment needed for vending & clean up purposes


* All signage must remain in your designated space.

* They must not block traffic or pedestrian ingress or egress or interfere with other vendors' displays or views

Market Location

* The market will be held in Centennial Park, 3rd Street & Harrison Ave., Wellington, Colorado

* Booths will be on the grass in the Park, leaving the street and sidewalk clear for pedestrians, parking and traffic

* Food trucks will park on Harrison Ave. and Third Street

Booth Space

** Market Management has the FULL authority to assign booth spaces

* Specific requests will be considered, but Managment reserves the right to assign all vendors' spaces

Hours of Operation

The market shall operate every Saturday, June 23, 2018 - October 13, 2018

* Market hours are 10:00am - 2:00pm

* All vendors must remain at market until closing time

* All vendors must vacate the site within an hour of closing

Set Up, Break Down, and Clean Up

*Set up begins ONE hour prior to market opening and must be complete at opening time.

*may park along the road closest to the booth for unloading purposes

However, you must remove your vehicle prior to market start

* Vendors are responsible for removing all garbage from their designated area

* Booth/Stall space must be left in the same condition as when you rented it

* Breakdown starts at market close, it must be completed, spaces vacated, within an hour of closing

Vehicles and Product Displays

* Vehicles shall not be used to display or dispense your product

* if a vehicle is necessary to refrigerate perishable goods, make us aware. We will position you accordingly

* No vehicle shall remain running for duration of market, except for refrigeration purposes

Permitted market Items

* Fresh produce, Plant items and Flowers

* Baked goods, Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Meat and Other Foods

*Our Primary Emphasis is unprocessed, Farm-Based Foods

No Soliciting of ANY Political or Religious Materials will be Permitted

Arts/Crafts Items

* All items must be created/Handmade by seller

* Handmade items such as Clothing, Quilts, Crafts, Jewelry, ect. will be displayed in Arts/Crafts section


* Local area vendor, $5 weekly, or 70$ for full season

* Out of area vendors are 10$ weekly or $140 for season

No electricity is available

*There is a one time $5 processing fee, die with your application
* Weekly registrations are subject to a waiting period of up to three business days

* Weekly fees will be collected each market day before close of Market

Inclement Weather

*In the case of inclement weather the market will operate as usual unless ther is a direct danger to our vendors or market

Enforce of Rules

* The Market Manager is responsible for enforcing the rules 

* Possible violations will be discussed and resolutions attempted 

* Vendors selling prohibited items will be asked to remove said items from sale or leave the market

* Unresolved issues will be referred to the Market Board

* Continued violations will result in being banned from the Market with NO reimbursement

* Any vendor challenging another vendors product legitimacy or conduct must file a written complaint with Market Manager

Giving the name of the vendor and the product or situation they feel is not in compliance with Market policies, the complaint must dated and sign their name to the complaint will them be given to the board 


* The use of canopies, awning and sun umbrellas is encouraged

* All must be anchored using an above ground method, such as sandbags etc on at least 3 corners

NO staking to the ground is permitted. This is to avoid sprinkler damage!

* Market manager will resolve any doubt as to the suitability of an item

* Displays of public interest, such  as health, nutritional, or consumer information must be approved by the market manager

* All vendors must utilize tables, shelves, etc, as all products must be sold, displayed and stored on surface above ground




* After June 10, 2018, there will be no full season option. After this date, each vendor will have to sign up for weekly market space

No reimbursement for fees paid if a vendor decides to no longer participate

* The market manager shall consider reimbursement in cases of death or illness

* Vendors registered for a week that are no shows will be given one excused absence

* A second no show will result in action taken by Manager. May result in refusing to allow that vendor to participate in market for remainder  pof the season

* The market will operate, rain or shine, all season

* Weekly fees are waived for members of the senior center and Wellington youth

* Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting their own sales tax

* Vendors are responsible for all permits required by Colorado or local county to sell their products

* Vendors are encouraged to obtain individual liability insurance for products sold

* All rules may be revised at the decision of the Market Board